Randoseru Bags for Children and Adults

Randoseru is a firm-sided backpack made of stitched firm leather or leather-like synthetic material, most commonly used in Japan by elementary schoolchildren. The term came from the Dutch word “ransel” meaning “backpack”. Parents or grandparents buy one for their child or grandchild and a 6-year child gets very excited to go to school with the brand new randoseru.

School starts in April so making randoseru reaches its peak here and there in Japan at the moment. Kazama Randoseru in Nara prefecture sell handmade randoseru that is particular about deatils. 25 craftspeople at the company have been making the backpacks meticulously and they estimate to provide approximately 23,000 pieces this year.

Generally, boys used to have plain black ones and girls carried simple red ones in a few decades ago but kids nowadays are way more fashionable. Some boys want a black one with blue or red stitches, meanwhile some girls want theirs be pearlish and girly color.

Premium Land Verona [For Boys]

Photo: http://www.kazamarandoseru.com/premium_boy/

Premium Land Casual [For Girls]

Photo: http://www.kazamarandoseru.com/premium_girl/casuals.html


Randoseru is not for kids anymore lately. Paparazzie took pictures of a Hollywood actress carrying a red randoseru in New York City and the unusual red babpack became the ‘it’ item. And tourists buy one for themselves at department stores or international airports in Japan. It is understandable because randoseru is very well-made as kids carry the same bag for six years.

But some might think, “But randoseru is for kids anyway…”. Then you might be interested in this one; Tsuchiya Bag’s Otona Randsel, meaning “randoseru for adalts”. The leather bag company in Tokyo has made a stylish version of randoseru which perfectly goes well with business fashion and casual style. They started to sell in November last year and last week but they all were sold out in a day and they are getting to ready to sell a new batch in March.


Photo: http://www.tsuchiya-kaban.jp/library/detail.php?product_id=2503

Randoseru can be a good choice when you have to carry extra bags or when you ride a bike. Some other bag companies sell randoseru for adults as well. How about finding for your favorite one?

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