Old Meets New Bonsai!

It is a shame that sometimes the Japanese people do not appreciate their own traditional culture as much as non-Japanese people do. Probably bonsai is one of them. It is a hobby for certain people in Japan, meanwhile it gets attention from both young and old people abroad. But one bonsai is under the spotlight lately; that is “Air Bonsai”. Also some young people has become interested in other unique ones as well. Let’s take a look together.

Air Bonsai


It is a floating bonsai produced by a Japanese team “Hoshinchu” in Kyusyu area in Japan. It floats by the magnetic energy and just watching the air bonsai on the video makes you feel calm and zen. This will be a great decoration in your room. Click here for the details!



Photo: http://www.kakiden.com/gallery/archives/4508/

This modern bonsai is by art director Mr. Takanori Aiba, whose artwork is inspired by Walt DIsney and mazes. So it has a Disney-or-Ghibli like atmosphere, with a theme of relationship between human and nature.


Small ones may be easy for beginners.


Photo: http://www.bonsaimyo.com/products/detail515.html

This is a palm-sized black pine bonsai.



Photo: http://www.nicogusa.com/SHOP/PIN893.html

This one is from the Moss Moss Series, moss with animal shaped bases. It is very easy to keep it by just pouring water in a dish. What a cute little face!
















Photo: http://surou.livedoor.biz/archives/51177303.html

This is also moss with a hedgehog base. Young people display these kinds of bonsais at their house or on their desk at work.


For those who would like to learn more about bonsai, the following is bonsai schools in Japan. Students from abroad come here to learn real bonsai from the masters every year.

Taisho-en [Shizuoka Prefecture]

http://taishoen.org/index.html (Only in Japanese)
http://www.j-bonsai.com/page/6 (In English)

Photo: http://www.j-bonsai.com/page/6

Shunkaen Bonsai Museum [Tokyo]


Photo: http://www.kunio-kobayashi.com/english/index.html

Let’s be friends with bonsai. You will learn much about nature and life from little trees.

Top Image: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1280002828/air-bonsai-create-your-little-star

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