Shiseido’s Latest Video: You Can Be What You Wanna Be!

Shiseido is the Japan’s top multinational personal care and cosmetics company. You may have seen their products in your countries too. Their latest video is outstanding.

Eight women are on the screen. Each of them is totally different; one is cool, another one is stylish, and the others are cute, Harajuku style, Maiko (young geisha)…etc. They all look like looking into the mirrors.

Photo: YouTube

And the screen changes and is asking “Enjoying daily makeup?”

Photo: YouTube

Then the video reverses backwards…

Photo: YouTube

Find out the women’s secret on the video!

The concept of the video is you can be any type of girl with hair and makeup. However, some guys are scared to see this saying, “Speechless…” and “I cannot believe women anymore.” But anyway, it reminds us women of how fun it is to wear makeup. You can be what you wanna be!

Top Image: YouTube
Source:, YouTube