New Green Tea Snacks

Matcha (green tea) snacks are very familiar to Japanese people. And it has gotten popular especially among tourists these days as well. They buy many packs of them as souvenirs for friends and families back in their countries. Apparently Japanese snack companies sells various kinds of matcha snacks and Meiji Seika is one of them. They have started to sell three new green tea flavored snacks since February 9th throughout Japan. These three snacks are very popular snacks and it is excited for us Japanese to have green tea flavor this time too. Let’s check them out here.

Almond Kyoto Matcha Chocolate



The chocolate almonds is Meiji’s top selling chocolate since 1962. The almonds are covered with two-layered chocolate, lightly sweetened chocolate and Kyo-Matcha (Kyoto matcha) chocolate. Savory roasted almonds and rich flavor of matcha go amazingly well.

Takenoko no Sato Matcha Milk



Takenoko no Sato (Bamboo shoot village) is very popular chocolate-covered cookies since 1979. You can enjoy mild taste of rich milk and matcha flavor. Great snack to share with family!

Porute Matcha Flavor



Porute is popular for its crunchiness and creamy chocolate. The base is baked chocolate cookie with whipped cream (its milk is from Hokkaido) on top and the both are covered with soft chocolate and cocoa powder. It is Meiji’s regular chocolate since 1995. Matcha cream is used for this limited version.

And don’t miss to buy locally-sold products! Meiji produces some snacks sold only in certain areas in japan.

Kinoko no Yama Uji Matcha



Kinoko no Yama (Mushroom mountain) is also Meiji’s popular chocolate since 1975. For your information, the Japanese often discuss which they prefer Kinoko no Yama or Takenoko no Sato (I like Takenoko no Sato better because I love the crunchy texture). You can buy the Uji matcha version only in Kansai area in Japan.

Apollo Matcha Flavor



Meiji has been making Apollo since 1969. The product was inspired from Apollo 11 Command and Service Module. The base is milk chocolate and the top is strawberry chocolate for the normal version. You can enjoy Uji matcha flavor with this limited version, sold only in Kansai area.

Kinoko no Yama Ryokucha



It is sold only in Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures. Shizuoka is very famous for green tea and fukamushi-cha (deep-steamed tea) is used for this version, which is initially steamed for 90 seconds.

Enjoy your favorite matcha chocolate for your tea break!

Top Image (Edited by Discovery Japan):