Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today, February 14th is St. Valentine’s Day. Do you celebrate the day in your country? Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a very unique way in Japan. Women give chocolate to men on the day. It started in 1958 when Japanese confectionery company Mary Chocolate introduced the day to Japan, promoting ‘Say “I love you” to the man you love with our chocolate!’. Valentine’s Day in Japan has developed since then. Females give chocolate to their coworkers and bosses, their families and female friends to show their appreciation. Some women are excited to buy luxurious chocolate even for themselves. The day is getting so big in Japan that many of other food companies piggyback on the day. It is totaly anything goes! We will show you some of the most unique Valentine’s Day gifts.

Sea Urchin


Photo: http://otakei.otakuma.net

Fishery company Saito Suisan at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo sold the heart shaped sea urchin. They sold only 30 boxes and they were sold out only in 10 hours.

Butaman (Pork Bun)


Photo: 551 Horai

551 Horai is one the most popular butaman (pork bun) stores in Osaka, selling more than 110,000 buns every day. It is beyond delicious and you can only buy them in Kansai area. If you like to eat pork, their butaman is a must when you visit Osaka.



Photo: http://www.kyotodekuraso.com

Tofu from Kyonisuke in Kyoto does not contain any food additives. This can be a good choice for those who like to eat healthy.

Udon Noodles Set


Photo: http://www.osawaya.co.jp

Gunma Prefecture is a major production area for quality wheat. Mizusawa Udon noodles is famous as one of the three most delicious udon in Japan. Udon shop Osawaya sells special udon noodles set for Valentine’s Day. It comes with heart-shaped deep-fried tofu. They started to sell on January 15th and 10,000 sets were sold only in two weeks. The big heart in a bowl makes everybody smile.

Chocolate, roses or other presents… After all it is a matter of how you express your love to your loved one. We hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Top Image: http://www.osawaya.co.jp
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