Too Cute to Eat at Miffy Cafe!

Do you like Miffy? Miffy, also konwn by her original name Nijntje, is a female rabbit by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. Miffy is one of the most famous and loved characters in Japan. Many of us love this cute small rabbit from young to old. In Japan, we used to call her Usako-chan meaning like a little rabbit girl. Department store Parco Shibuya in Tokyo is opening a collaboration cafe the “Miffy Cafe” at THE GUEST cafe & diner limited time only from March 18th to May 8th. Let’s take a look at theri menu. They are incredibly cute!


Miffy’s Chicken Curry and Rice with Tomatoes

It looks like Miffy is in a curry bath. Her feet are made with cauliflowers. Comes with Caesar’s salad in a mug and pickles in a cocotte. You can take a mug with you home.
[1,680 yen with a mug/ 1,380 yen without a mug]


Miffy’s Grilled Pork Sandwiches

Grilled pork sandwiches with orange and cheese with pickles and fruit salad on the side. Can you see three bunnies are hiding?
[1,380 yen with a balloon]


Miffy’s Chicken Schnitzel Burgers

Chicken burgers with Miffy-shaped buns and lettuce and tomato inside. French fries comes with pinda (peanut) sauce which is a typical sauce in Netherlands.
[1,380 yen]


Miffy’s Cheese Pancakes

Miffy is enjoying cycling in a pancake plate! With tulip-shaped carrot in a salad.
[1,180 yen]


Miffy-style Pannenkoeken

This is Dutch famous pancakes called pannenkoeken with strawberries, kiwi, lemon, orange and bluberries. Miffy is ice cream here. Pour maple syrup from a mug when eating!
[1,680 yen with a mug/ 1,380 yen without a mug]


Miffy’s Mango Parfait

Miffy-colored yellow parfait comes with granola, mango mousse, sponge cake and vanilla ice cream
[1,280 yen]


Miffy’s Fruit Soda with Fluffy Cotton Candy

Orange and passion fruit syrup in a glass and Miffy-shaped cotton candy on top. Pour soda and enjoy the sweet and unique flavor!
[880 yen]


Miffy’s Cafe Latte

With a cute Miffy logo on top.
[680 yen]


Miffy’s Iced Cafe Latte

With wafes as Miffy’s long ears.
[780 yen]

Also many commemorative Miffy goods will be sold at the cafe. This will be a must-visit palace for Miffy and bunny lovers. We guess you need to be patient for a long line to get seated at the cafe, and to be brave enough to eat the irresistibly cute food!

Miffy Cafe
Place: THE GUEST cafe & diner on 7th Floor at Shibuya PARCO Part 1
Time: From March 18th to May 8th

Open from 11:00 a.m. / Last Order (Food) 10:00 p.m., (Beverage) 10:30 p.m.

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