New Eye-catching Landmark in Osaka, Dai Pichonkun!

Japan is known for the country of manga or anime. That is why so many characters are seen almost anywhere in Japan, like on the trains, buses, construction sites, instruction manuals and lots more. Many Japanese companies, cities and prefectures have their own original mascots so that they help improve their image and promote their products. Pichonkun is a mascot from Daikin, a Japanese multinational air conditioner manufacturing company. It is named after the sound of dew droplet. According to his profile, he has been everywhere all over the world since water existed on Earth.




Daikin recently made a huge billboard “Dai (Big) Pichonkun” in the downtown area of Osaka. It is not just a billboard but the full color LED one (13m height and 11m width) which shows various information; today and tomorrow’s weather, the current temperature, humidity and Daikin’s original air comfortable chart based on PMV (Predicted Mean Vote) with 9 colors. And Pichonkun tells you to be careful of heat stroke, hay fever and PM 2.5.
[from left: heat stroke, PM 2.5, hay fever]



[the vertical line: temperature, the horizontal line: humidity]


Sometimes he says greetings, speaks English, looks around or even strikes a pose for you.



It has been just a few days since its debut, Dai Pichonkun is already a landmark in Osaka. Many people post photos of it on Twitter. I could not resist taking one from JR Osaka Station last week too. It was irresistibly cute!

Pichonkun Photo




From JR Osaka Station


Photo: Discovery Japan

It will be a must photo spot when you visit to Osaka in the future. But do not worry if you do not have a chance to go there for now. Here is the official website “Pichonkun NOW” and it show you how it looks like 24/7. He blinked when I checked the site. Awww he is so kawaii!

Pichonkun NOW



Great job for Daikin workers!

Dai Pichonkun Time-Lapse

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