Recommended fireworks in Tokyo on August 20th and 21st!


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Every year, there are many beautiful fireworks light up the sky during the summer time in Japan!

Japan is known to have the most beautiful fireworks in the world.

There are the many firework events in 2016 that are scheduled for the Tokyo area but I have selected the ones on next week, August 20th and 21st, especially! If you are in Tokyo, don’t miss the great fireworks while you are in Tokyo!

1. Jingu-Gaien Fireworks Festival


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Date: August 20th, Saturday

Place: 4 different Parks in Gaien
Jingu Kyujo Ballpark / Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium / Chichibu-no-miya Rugby Field / Soft-Ball Park
Access: Sendagaya Station or Shinanomachi Station on JR Sobu Line;
Gaienmae Station, Aoyama 1-chome Station, Omotesando Station on Subways;
and Kokuritsu Kyogijyo Station on Toei Oedo Line.

19:30~ 12,000 displays * Tickets are required to enter each venue. Idol group AKB48 will be on stage as well.

Details >> (Japanese)

2.The 38th Setagaya-ku Tamagawa Fireworks Festival


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Date: August 20th, Saturday

Place : Futakotamagawa River Area, Playground

Access : Futakotamagawa Station, Tokyu-Denentoshi Line/Tokyu Oimachi Line

19:00 ~ 6,000 displays

Details >> (Japanese)

3.The 34th Chofu-Shi Fireworks Festival


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Date: August 21nd, Sunday

Place : Tamagawa River Area

Access : Chofu Station, Keio-Tamagawa Station, Keio Line

18:30 ~ 8,000 displays

Details >> (Japanese)

Enjoy watching summer fireworks!!



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