Ten Creative Games and Activities for a Pokémon-Themed Party

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With video games, card games, television shows, merchandise, and over 700 creatures and counting, Pokémon is a phenomenon that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If your child loves Pokémon, throw them an awesome themed party with these easy and inexpensive party games and activities.

Choose your Starter

In each Pokémon video game, the trainer first has to choose their starter Pokémon – either a water-type, fire-type, or grass-type. There are different starters in each different game, so have your child choose their favourite game generation, and print multiple pictures of those three starter Pokémon onto thick paper. Attach a piece of Velcro to the back of each picture, along with the Pokémon’s name and type.

Next, cut out pictures of Poké Balls and attach a piece of Velcro to them too. When each child arrives to the party, give them a Poké Ball, and have them “catch” the starter Pokémon they want by attaching it to their Poké Ball.


Fill your Team

Before the party starts, cut out pictures of other Pokémon and attach Velcro to them, like you did with the starter Pokémon. There are over 700 different Pokémon, so choose a good variety, and scatter them around the party area or in your backyard. Be sure to write the Pokémon’s name and type on the back.

In the video games, a Pokémon team consists of six Pokémon, so after everyone has chosen their starter give each child five more Poké Balls and have them hunt around the house to fill their team. The team they choose will be used in later games.


Earn your Badges

In the Pokémon games, there are eight badges to earn in each region. Each game takes place in a different region with different badges, so choose your child’s favourite game generation to determine the badges you will give out. Print and cut out pictures of the badges onto thick paper and have them laminated. Then, attach pins to the back of each one so that the children can attach them to their shirts. Or, give each child a small decorated box to carry their badges in.

The badges will be earned as prizes for games throughout the party. By the end of the party, make sure each child has earned all ei badges.


Pokémon Team Bingo

This is where the team that each child chose will come in handy. Before the party, create bingo sheets, but instead of using numbers, fill the boxes with things related to Pokémon teams. For example, there could be a box to check if they chose a fire-type starter; if they have an ice-type Pokémon on their team; or if they have a Pokémon whose name starts with the letter ‘S’. Give each child their own bingo sheet and a bingo dabber or highlighter to check off the boxes that apply to their team. Anyone who gets a bingo wins a prize.

If nobody gets a bingo, have the guests pair up and use their combined teams to fill the bingo sheets.


Who’s that Pokémon?

Before the commercial break in the original Pokémon anime series, the silhouette of a Pokémon was shown, and children were asked to guess who it was from only this blank silhouette. Recreate this classic segment by tracing different Pokémon onto plain black paper to create their silhouettes. Remember to write the Pokémon names on the back of the papers for yourself.

Split the guests into teams and show each team a silhouette. Each team gains points for correctly guessing the Pokémon’s name. If the team guesses incorrectly or doesn’t have a guess, the next team has a chance to guess. The team with the most points at the end wins badges or another prize.

Linked Letters

For this game, make sure you have a prize that can be passed around, like a Pokémon plushie or a bag of candy, and have all the children sit in a circle. Give the prize to the birthday child to hold, and have them say any Pokémon name. They will then pass the prize to the next child in the circle, who will need to say a Pokémon name that starts with the last letter of the first Pokémon said. For example, if the birthday child says Pikachu, the next child will need to name a Pokémon that starts with a ‘U’, and so on.

Some of the letters are more difficult than others, so give a reasonable time limit (5-10 seconds). If the child can’t name a Pokémon, they’re out. The last child standing gets to keep the prize!

Magazine Prints

This activity is perfect if you have a stack of old magazines lying around your house. Before the party, go through the pages of the magazines and cut out blocks of colour in different shapes and sizes. Sort the magazine pieces by colour into large Ziploc baggies. Next, print or draw by hand the outlines of Pokémon onto thick cardstock paper. Choose Pokémon that will be easily recognizable by their outline, like Pikachu.

At the party, set up a craft table with piles of magazine pieces, and enough glue sticks or glue bottles to go around. Each child will receive a Pokémon outline, and can choose magazine pieces to cut, glue and layer inside the outline. This is a great chance to be creative, as they can use colours that mimic the real colours of the Pokémon, or create their own multi-coloured masterpiece. Try to fit this activity in near the beginning of the party as the glue will need time to dry. The end result will be a fun, collage art piece that each child can take home with them.

Eyes Closed

Give each child a piece of paper and a marker. They will have two minutes to draw their favourite Pokémon – but there’s a catch. Everyone will need to keep their eyes closed while they draw! When the timer goes off, have each guest hold up their drawings, while the others try to guess which Pokémon they were trying to draw. Give out prizes for the best and funniest drawings (either a badge, or another prize if they’ve already earned their whole set).

Guessing Game

Decorate and fill multiple jars with Pokémon-themed items. Give each child a guessing sheet and have them guess how many items are in each jar. Whoever has the closest guess for each jar wins a badge or prize.

You can fill your jars with whatever items you’d like, but here are some ideas to fit the theme:

Ping Pong Poké Balls: Fill your jar with ping pong balls that are decorated to look like Poké Balls.

Caterpie Candies: Caterpie is a green and yellow caterpillar Pokémon, so fill your jar with green and yellow gummy worms.

Meowth Money: Meowth’s signature move in the Pokémon games is Pay Day, a move that scatters coins on the ground during battle for the winning trainer to pick up. Fill your jar with chocolate coins to represent Meowth’s move.

Magnemite Magnets: If you can find magnets in bulk, fill your jar with magnets to represent the electric-type Magnemite.

Starmie Stars: Crafting or dollar stores will have craft stars you can use to fill your jar, or you can make your own origami stars out of paper. Try to stick to gold, red and purple stars to match Starmie’s colours.

Rescue Mission

When it’s time to eat, have the guests leave their Pokémon teams somewhere out of sight. While they are eating, “steal” one Pokémon from each team, and hold them “hostage”. The guests will need to work together to “battle” and free their Pokémon from the evil villain. For extra fun, have yourself or a helper actually dress up as the villain (from Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma, etc).

To beat the villain’s team of six Pokémon, the group will need to correctly answer 3 trivia questions each (for a total of 18 questions). Prepare at least 25 questions, in case some questions cannot be answered. If 18 questions are answered correctly, the villain is defeated, and the guest’s Pokémon will be returned.

Here are some examples of trivia questions:

  1. Which Pokémon does Cranidos evolve into? (Answer: Rampardos)
  2. Name at least five of Eevee’s evolutions. (Answer: Any five of the following: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon)
  3. Psychic-type moves do not affect which type of Pokémon? (Answer: Dark-type Pokémon)
  4. What is the item that you can use in the Pokémon video games to automatically raise your Pokémon by one level? (Answer: Rare Candy)


Throwing a Pokémon-themed party with a variety of easy, do-it-yourself games and activities will allow your child and their guests to be truly immersed in this vast, fictional world. By the end of the party, not only will everyone have had fun, but they will have many fun and creative Pokémon-themed items to take home with them and enjoy.