Top-Rated G-Shock Watches from Discovery Japan

Whatever kind of watch you need, Discovery Japan has exclusive inventory ready to ship. We offer the entire line of made-in-Japan, for the Japanese domestic market only, G-Shock watches, Discovery Japan’s lineup of classics is in high demand worldwide.

Buyers in the U.S., Canada, Europe and elsewhere who want authentic G-Shock watches, cheap G-Shock watches, or even durable G-Shock watches will find something to satisfy their cravings in our catalogue.

The G-Shock Lineup

To name just a few of our best-selling G-Shock watches, there are the G-Shock Rangeman Master of G, Casio G-Shock Mirror-Metallic, G-Shock G-LIDE series, among others. Casio makes all the G-Shock watches, which are noted for their high resistance to vibration and every form of mechanical shock.

Sports and outdoor enthusiasts are the main audience for the G-Shock line, but virtually anyone who wants to own a classic piece of wearable fashion enjoys these watches. Many products in the line feature solar power options, a choice between analog and digital function, while all have the capability to be used as stop-watches. In addition, made-in-Japan G-Shock watches are known for their simple yet convenient features like countdown timing, powerful water resistance and time synchronization for super-accurate reliability.

The ever-popular Metal-Titanium Series encompasses a wide range of offerings, including the MT-G, GA-1000, MR-G, and Master of G sub-category that boasts the Rangeman, Riseman, Mudman, Gulfman and Frogman nameplates. Further product choices for global buyers include the entire line of Classic G-Shock models as well as the so-called Square G-Shock and G-Shock Origin models, whose specific numbering begins with “DW” and “GW.”

For surfing enthusiasts, Casio released the G-LIDE surfing editions two decades ago. Branded as “X-treme” and sold only in Japan, the G-LIDE G-Shock watches have special features that make them ideal for water sports like surfing, paragliding, sailing, and kayaking. There is no end to the usefulness of the G-Shock G-LIDE watch series. Even the straps are specially designed to repel water and allow splashing waves to rinse through the band itself.

The addition of nylon Velcro bands was an upgrade to the G-LIDE series made especially for snowboarding and skateboarding. Whatever type of outdoor activity one engages in, there is a G-Shock watch ready to go, and up to the job.

Features and Functions of G-Shock Watches

Every G-Shock watch has the capability to do a special job; most are able to do dozens of different tasks that enable their owner to focus on competition and outdoor fun. Depending on the model, G-Shock watches are able to run on solar power, which means no battery expense or hassle.

Timer and stopwatch functions on the entire G-Shock series range from 60 minutes up to 2,400 hours, with up to five different alarms. The Master of G-Shock watches even offer the ability to simultaneously measure dive time, a particularly important capability for underwater activities of all kinds, like scuba diving, recreational snorkeling, treasure hunting, life-saving and rescue operations.

Because the G-Shock watches by Casio are such highly-equipped pieces of technology, they offer dozens of unique features that are available on no other watches, from any manufacturer, in any country. To list just a few of the G-Shock watch capabilities, consider the following, which are currently available on various models of only-in-Japan G-Shock watches: Custom memo, world time, timer modes with presets, atomic time, day-and-date view only, a flashing back-light, an auto-restarting timer, a super water-resistant screw-on back plate, 100-year calendar, and updated calendar, dive time, dive site functions, tide/moon information, temperature, altimeter, barometer, as well as sunrise and sunset data for specific locations.

G-Shock Prices

At Discovery Japan, we feature G-Shock watches for every budget, from inexpensive, basic-function timepieces to highly specialized watches that withstand extreme conditions of cold, heat and water pressure. There is no end to the versatile G-Shock watches offered by Discovery Japan. For consumers who have special requirements or who take part in professional or amateur sports, the G-Shock sports watches are the perfect choice.

Casio G-Shock prices are reasonable and available for worldwide buyers in any currency and with a variety of payment methods. Low-priced G-Shock watches, medium-priced G-Shock watches, and even specialized, high-end G-Shock watches are for sale at Discovery Japan. The watches are among the world’s most excellent technological wonders, ready to meet any need that might arise, especially when it comes to sports, outdoor activities, or extreme weather conditions.

Popular Varieties of G-Shock Watches

The classic Sky Cockpit line uses a heavily reinforced design, built to handle the utmost in gravitational acceleration. This category includes both lightweight and thicker choices with special design features to enhance visibility of the watch face. Some of the Sky Cockpit models even have ion plating for ultra durability. The Big Case lineup offers added strength, durability but is one of the more practical G-Shock varieties for everyday use. They’re tough, attractive and functional. For water-sports aficionados, The Frogman G-Shock series uses an airtight back that is screwed on, a 100 percent metal case, and other features that help withstand very high water pressure. The G-LIDE G-Shock watch lineup is ready for the toughest handling that comes with extreme sports of all kinds, like surfing and water skiing. Finally, combining strength for fashion and outdoor fun, the MT-G series combines resin and metal to create a hybrid, innovative style.

G-Shock watches are perfect for anyone who wants to get the best of both fashion and strength. The Casio G-Shock watches are one of the more remarkable inventions of the modern era.