Forgot Something? To the 100 Yen Shop in Japan ! 10 Useful Goods for Travels

1. Towels

If you forgot to bring something for your travels, try heading to the 100 yen store first! The 100 yen shops in Japan carry a surprising variety of goods. You’re sure to find whatever you need! Below are some goods carried by these stores that will definitely be useful for your travels.

You can find towels that come in a variety of sizes at 100 yen stores – from face towels to hand towels!

The towels in the picture above are 100% cotton. The front is made with a gauze fabric and the back consists of pile fabric.

Their body towels are perfect for bathing, and come in a suitable size. Gauze fabric dries quickly, so after taking a bath, all you have to do is dry the towel in your room overnight. The next day, you can easily pack the dry towel in your suitcase!

These towels are fluffy microfiber face towels that feel really good to touch and use. They can absorb a lot of water, so they’re great for drying your hair off too! After washing your hair, grab the towel and start drying off your hair, starting from the scalp. If you do it properly, then you can spend less time using a blow dryer!

These towels are made with zero twist yarn, which means that not only do they feel better, but they’re softer and more durable. “Zero Twist Towels” refers to a specific brand of high-quality towels, but you can find similar hand towels at a 100 yen store! Same quality, but drastically lower prices. Try them out once!

2. Pouches & Small Containers

100 yen stores also carry a variety of pouches and small containers.

Finding pouches with weird English words or phrases on them is another joy. Doesn’t it make you feel like you’re really in another country?

This is a picture of 2 different kinds of pouches. The first is designed to look like a cute and scary realistic cat’s face. (Cute and scary – or “kowa-kawaii” in Japanese – is just another popular type of “cute” in Japan!) The second has a flamingo print pattern, which is an extremely popular pattern for 2017. These pouches are unbelievably high-quality and cute!

They have containers for other purposes as well. From the left, you can see a capped bottle, bottle with a push dispenser, and spray bottle.

These silicon tubes are perfect for storing some treatment or cream!

3. Cosmetics

You’ll be baffled by the variety of items available, even for simple items like false eyelashes! At the bottom right of the picture, you can see a bunch of cosmetic brushes – from lip brushes to cheek brushes – that you can pick and choose from. Skin or hair color don’t mean a thing when it comes to cosmetic brushes, so they’re also perfect as souvenirs!

High-quality and cutely packaged blush, lip gloss, and color mascara can also be great souvenirs to remind you of Japan.

There’s a genre of nail art called “100 yen nails”. Have you heard about it?
100 yen nail art products that allow you to self-style your own nails cutely are a big hit with Japanese women!

They not only sell nail polish, but also nail stickers, holograms, and a bunch of other new nail parts. These products change every season!

4. Toothbrushes & Toothpaste

Did you know that Japanese toothbrushes and toothpaste are popular throughout Asia?

Character toothbrushes, like Hello Kitty, Thomas & Friends, and Doraemon toothbrushes, are also 100 yen!

Toothbrushes meant for small children are distinguished by age ranges, so make sure to check the numbers written on the package prior to purchase.

100 yen stores also sell compact travel toothbrushes that come with mini-toothpaste tubes! The item on the right side of the picture is a pair of earplugs that help your ears adjust to changes in air pressure when on airplanes.

5. Laundry Goods

While you can definitely find handy laundry goods at 100 yen stores, did you know you can find items that are convenient and cute as well? They’re a must-see and must-try!

The proper way to wash your clothes in Japan is by putting your laundry into laundry nets, and then tossing everything into the washing machine. The picture above shows a bunch of laundry nets, including ones with cat patterns (currently extremely popular in Japan)!

They even sell stuff like laundry detergent!

This clothes line has holes to make it easier to put hangers on it.

Look at how many hangers there are!

There are a variety of hangers sold to meet a variety of needs. Oh, Japan!

This compact pinch hanger will definitely come in useful for your travels. It’s highly recommended!

They sell many bags that can be used as laundry bags for a measly 100 yen each. You can find more patterns than what’s pictured here, of course!

6. Socks & Underclothes

Search the 100 yen store if you’re looking for socks, underclothes, or underwear!

Men’s socks are slightly bigger than their size indicates, so those that think that Japanese sizes are a bit too small should come visit and try a pair out. At 100 yen for each pair, it’s a steal!

They sell a variety of underclothes and underwear as well!

100 yen stores sell a bunch of really cute socks for females too!
They sell underclothes and underwear as well, but those aren’t pictured here.

7. Hats

Looking for a hat? You can find great ones here for 100 yen each!

The photo shows summer hats, like straw hats and sun visors, but they also sell warm winter hats, such as knit caps.

They sell summer and winter hats for children as well. So if you’ve ever found adult-sized hats in Japan to be a bit too big, try buying and putting on a child-sized hat from a 100 yen store. It’s a cheap and easy venture!

8. Rainy Day Goods

Since Japan rains a lot throughout the year, they’ve stocked up a variety of goods for a rainy day.

Starting from 100 yen, you can get rain coats and vinyl umbrellas! If you want a compact travel umbrella, however, the price starts from 300 yen.


Look at how many different types of rain coats and rain ponchos there are – all for 100 yen each!

You can get super handy foot or shoe covers to protect your feet from mud splatters or rain as well!

9. Vacuum Bags

All you have to do is put in your clothes into the vacuum bag, then use your hands to roll the clothes up. The air will be squeezed out, allowing for utmost compression. You can only find vacuum bags with cute designs in Japan!

10. Disposable Cutlery

If you plan to stay at guesthouses or business hotels, then disposable cutlery will come in handy.

You can find 100 yen shops in underground department stores at Japan. Some of these shops have a deli section, where you can purchase side dishes to create a luxurious dinner. That’s when you can use disposable cutlery! You can also use it to eat croquettes, yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), and other small dishes purchased from shops at your local shoten-gai (shopping street). Experience life like an ordinary Japanese person!

This picture is of colorful spoon and fork sets. They’re extremely cute, so why not buy a set as a souvenir?

Wash and reuse these spoon and fork sets that are packed in compact cases!

A whole bunch of handy paper napkins. Feel free to pick whatever pattern and size you want!

On days with good weather, don’t you just want to have a picnic at the nearby park?

One of the most popular activities for Japanese high school girls in 2017 is to go on “oshapiku” – picnics where you sit down and talk – and then take Instagram snapshots of it. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll see them do just that at the park?!

There’s still a crazy amount of things that you can purchase for just 100 yen at these stores, and many of them are sure to be useful for your travels. So why not visit one of these stores and check out their array of goods for yourself?


In cooperation with: Flet’s 100 Yen Shop & Market *Japanese website only


F・Flet’s 100 Yen Shop & Market’s Representative Stores

Flet’s Nijo Branch (Kyoto)
Near Nijo-jo Castle. They get a lot of international visitors, so they stock many souvenirs.

Flet’s Apollo Branch (Osaka)
There’s a direct train from Kansai International Airport. 3-minute walk from Tennoji Station. Also close to Abeno Harukas.

Hyaku-en Ryojikan Toyocho Branch (Tokyo)
Inside Tokyo East 21, an area filled with various facilities, such as hotels and supermarkets. From August 2017, they have 2 staff members that can speak Chinese.