If you visit in Japan , should you pay the tip?

 Japan is not familiar to pay the tip.As a custom in some countries, especially Europeuse of accommodation  in a hotel, use of taxiseating and drinking in restaurants, use of beauty salon, toilets and so on.In the other country tip is the minimum wage of the service.Especially, it is remarkable for services to individuals. For this reason, when Japanese people go to the world, they are required to contact with recognition of tip. Also, depending on the state, tips are subject to taxation.

 In Japan,tip is the form of service charges. Tip is Wapping in ceremonial bags (pochi bags are acceptable) and delivering it is a courtesy point. Direct passing coins and paper money are “impolite to the opponent.However, when we are paying a taxis free, pass it as naked as the same in the West ,when giving a tip.

  •  Even through if you dont pay the tip, Japanese people treat you OMOTENASHI. 
  •  Do you know OMOTENASHI?
  •  OMOTENASHI is the Japanese style of hospitality.
  •  Japanese people treat you bottom of the heart.