Hey, Guys, come to Japan and tell “O tsukare-samadesu.”

How can I tell the customers who will be home after the meeting?

You can say,

  • O jikan o itadaki arigatōgozaimasu.(Thank you for your time)
  • お時間を頂き有りがとうございます。

The another word is,

  • O tsukare-samadesu.(It is cheers for good work)or(Pardon me, I have to go now)
  • お疲れ様です。
  • O tsukare-samadeshita(Thank you for your hard work)
  • お疲れ様でした。

O tsukare-samadesu can be used various meaning.

In the case of friends,

  • O tsukare.(Tired)
  • お疲れ。
  • O tsukare-sama. (Thank you)
  • お疲れ様です。
  • Ja matane. (See you)
  • じゃまたね。
  • Ja  ne.(See you)
  • じゃね。
  • Ja mataashita. (See you tomorrow )
  • じゃまた明日。
  • Sayonara. (Goodbye)
  • さよなら。

When the lecture is over, what do you say as a teacher?

  • Kyō no kōgi wa shūryōdesu. Minasan, otsukare-sama.
  • 今日の講義は終了です。皆さん、お疲れ様。
  • (Todays lecture is over .Good work everyone)

If you are student,

  • O tsukare-samadesu.
  • お疲れ様です。

O tsukare-samadesu can be used widely, such as superior, subordinate ,colleagues, family,

friends, lovers and associates.

You can use O tsukare-samadesu anytime, any place, as it is a word that anyone can use regardless

of position.

Hey, Guys, come to Japan and tell O tsukare-samadesu.