【Do you know what type of Sakura you are viewing? 】【你知道你在賞什麼櫻花嗎?】

We will introduce the types of Japanese cherry blossoms one by one to you from today~


Source: http://tokyo-trip.org/spot/visiting/tk0451/

Yoshino Cherry

  • The most common cherry blossom in Japan, which is a species developed by a gardener in Edo (Tokyo) in the 19th century.
  • Since there is no seed, it must rely on artificial cultivation to multiply.
  • Life is about 50 years.

The main cherry blossom viewing spots: Ueno Park (Taito-ku, Tokyo), Chion-in (Dongshan-gu, Kyoto), Hirosaki Castle (Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture), and others.


今天起我們會為你逐一介紹日本櫻花的種類 ~


  • 日本最常見的櫻花,是一種於19世紀時被江戶(東京)的園藝師開發出來的品種。
  • 由於沒有種子,因此必須依靠人工種植才能繁衍。
  • 壽命為50年左右。