【Do you know what type of Sakura you are viewing? 】 【你知道你在賞什麼櫻花嗎?】

? Edohigan ?
– got its name from the fact that it starts blossoming around higan (spring equinox) and can be seen a lot around the Kanto region (of which the center was Edo a few centuries back).
– flower shape is small, with one layer; pedicels are pot-shaped, from pure white to pink color.
– has one of the longest life span among the cherry trees , this bloom-covered beauty has a long history of standing tall for generations.
? 江戶彼岸 ?
– 野生櫻花,壽命長,且可生長成約15至25米高的大樹。
– 日本許多具有代表性的古樹都是江戶彼岸。
– 花形小、開一重花,先開花再長葉子,花梗呈壺狀,花色很多,從純白到粉紅色都有。
– 由於是春分彼岸(日本的掃墓時間,春分或秋分的前後共7天)時間就開花,所以被稱為彼岸櫻,或東彼岸櫻。

Source: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_15ea364900102wcfo.html