【Do you know what type of Sakura you are viewing?】 【你知道你在賞什麼櫻花嗎?】

? Yama-zakura (literally, “mountain cherry tree”) ?
• the representative type of wild cherry tree in Japan;
• have five relatively small petals, and are generally slightly pink;
• the leaves appear at the same time as the blooms;
• a long-lived tree, Yama-zakura has been found to live 500 years or more.
• Flowering period: late March to mid April
The main cherry blossom viewing spot: Yoshinoyama (Yoshino-cho, Nara Prefecture)
? 山櫻 ?
• 野生櫻花,生長於櫻花勝地奈良縣吉野山;
• 花瓣相對較小,通常略帶粉紅色;
• 葉子與花朵同時出現 ;
• 有些古樹的樹齡甚至已達數百年。
• 花期:3月下旬至4月中旬

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