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During the sunny days, how can you not apply sunscreen lotion before engaging in various kinds of outdoor activities and water sports? Even staying indoors, we should also take the necessary protective measures to reduce the harmful effect of ultraviolet radiation to our skin as UVA can penetrate the glass to damage our fragile skin, causing aging, wrinkling and immediate tanning effects, as well as potential development of skin cancer! Since there are so many sunscreen products in Japan, the Discovery Japan editorial department has selected 10 popular sunscreen products under 3,000 yen to introduce. If you have difficulty in choosing or don’t know which one to buy, please take a look of this article!

1. ShiseidoANESSA perfect UV sunscreen skincare milk SPF50+ PA++++

The secret of ShiseidoANESSA perfect UV sunscreen skincare milk SPF50+ PA++++ being so popular is to own “Aqua Booster EX” technology, which reacts with the minerals in sweat and water on contact, creating a stronger and more uniform protective veil over the skin that is now more resistant to friction than before. It is formulated with 50% skincare ingredients to improve hydration and further protect the skin against environmental damages.


☀︎ Suitable forface and body

☀︎ FeaturesIdeally suitable for outdoor activities and sports, it gives the skin super durable protection against the sun. It can also be used as makeup base.

☀︎ How to take offIt is recommended to use a makeup remover for thorough cleaning.

☀︎ Sweat- & waterproof★★★★★

☀︎ Reference price20ml1,200yen / 60ml3,000yen tax excluded)


2. KaneboALLIE Extra UV Protector Gel SPF50+ PA++++

The new upgraded version of KaneboALLIE Extra UV Protector Gel SPF50+ PA++++ has been launched in February 2018. A ‘double-proof’ gel featuring a combination of the super water-proof feature protecting against sweat, water and the friction-proof feature protecting against friction and rubbing to achieve unfading effects. 


☀︎ Suitable forface and body

☀︎ FeaturesA watery fresh gel with the ‘double-proof’ feature.

☀︎ How to take offThoroughly wash the face and/or body with regular face wash and/or body soap.

☀︎ Sweat- & waterproof★★★★★

☀︎ Reference price40g1,400yen 90g2,800yentax excluded)



A waterproof gel that withstands sweat, water and excess oil, yet is light and pleasant to use. This sweat-proof gel with a maximum UV protection factor almost melts into your skin to protect you from damage caused by exposure to UV rays.


☀︎ Suitable forface and body

☀︎ FeaturesContinue to protect you from UV rays even if you sweat. It can also be used as a make up base.

☀︎ How to take offIt can easily be removed with a face wash or soap.

☀︎ Sweat- & waterproof★★★★★

☀︎ Reference price60g700yen 90g1,000yentax excluded)


4. RohtoSKIN AQUA UV Super Moisture Gel SPF50+ PA++++



This upgraded version comes along with ‘Solarex-3 Technology’, which the ‘3-in-1 UV Defense System’ makes the sunscreen gel does not breakdown easily under the sun. It is ultra light and breathable with fast absorption and non greasy feel.


☀︎ Suitable forface and body

☀︎ Features With hyaluronic acid to effectively hydrate and lock-in moisture.

☀︎ How to take offIt can easily be removed with a face wash or soap.

☀︎ Sweat- & waterproof★★★★

☀︎ Reference price 110g1,200yen tax excluded)




This KOSÉSUNCUT ESSENCE IN UV PROTECT SPRAY SPF50+ PA++++ is light and translucent, offers full-body UV protection, from the roots of hair to the tips of fingertips.


☀︎ Suitable for face, body, hair and scalp, or any difficult-to-reach areas

☀︎ Features It can be used upside down. Suitable for use on the top of makeup or hair, convenient for reapplying.

☀︎ How to take offIt can easily be removed with soap.

☀︎ Sweat- & waterproof★★★★

☀︎ Reference price 60g700yen 90g1,000yentax excluded)


6. RohtoSkin Aqua Tone Up UV Essence SPF50+ PA++++



In February this year, Rohto Pharmaceutical released the newest sunscreen, Skin Aqua  Tone Up UV Essence SPF50+ PA++++, which also works as color correcting essence for clear, dewy skin. It has a watery fresh texture with lavender tint that makes skin look brighter while guarding the skin from UV rays. Ideal for use as daily makeup base.


☀︎ Suitable forface and body

☀︎ FeaturesNon greasy, light, savor scent. It corrects skin tone without giving skin a white cast.

☀︎ How to take offIt can easily be removed with a face wash or soap.

☀︎ Sweat & water resistant★★★★

☀︎ Reference price 80g1,000yen tax excluded)


7. NIVEASUN creme care UV cream SPF50+ PA++++

This NIVEASUN creme care UV cream SPF50+ PA++++ is highly moisturizing, adheres well to the skin for hours without any sticky feeling. It also formulated with light-diffusing powder that hides pores and blurs skin unevenness without giving skin any white casts.


☀︎ Suitable for : face and body

☀︎ FeaturesContains jojoba oil, squalane and high-retention hyaluronic acid to give moisture to skin but doesn’t feel heavy. Can be used as daily makeup base.

☀︎ How to take offIt can easily be removed with a face wash or soap.

☀︎ Sweat- & waterproof★★★☆☆

☀︎ Reference price 50g1,300yentax excluded)


8. ShiseidoELIXIR Reflet Balancing Oshiroi Milk SPF50+ PA++++

This is a creamy tinted milk lotion with a setting powder effect leaves the skin free from shine and visible pores all day long. With balancing anti-aging formula, it controls the balance between oil and water, giving a matte and powder-like finish. It is recommend for ladies in their 20s to early 30s.


☀︎ Suitable forface (can be daily used as a make-up base)

☀︎ FeaturesDesigned for oily skin, its water-light, anti- aging balancing formula helps skin to retain the optimal moisture.

☀︎ How to take offIt can be easily removed by daily face wash or soap.

☀︎ Sweat- & waterproof☆☆☆☆☆

☀︎ Reference price35g1,800yentax excluded)


9. BioréUV AQUA Rich Watery Essence SPF50+ PA++++ 


The water-light, refreshing texture of this sunscreen essence adheres to the skin for a long lasting effect. Contains Aqua Micro Capsules which has UV absorbing ingredients to provide strong, long-lasting double block yet with light and cool “Water-like” fresh feeling.


☀︎ Suitable forface and body

☀︎ FeaturesWater capsules that spreads smoothly on skin with moisturizing ingredients to keep skin hydrated. No white cast. It can be used as a make-up primer.

☀︎ How to take offIt can be easily removed by daily facial wash or soap.

☀︎ Sweat- & waterproof★★★★

☀︎ Reference price50g1,000yentax excluded)


10. CurélUV lotion SPF50+ PA+++

Curél is a popular Japanese skin care brand for sensitive dry skin. This UV lotion protects delicate skin from UV damages such as redness, dryness and tenderness. Its lightweight and hydrating texture gives skin the optimal moisture and will not leave skin a white cast.


☀︎ Suitable forface and body

☀︎ FeaturesContaining ceramics and eucalyptus extract to strengthen the barrier of skin in order to maintain the optimal skin moisture level.

☀︎ How to take offIt is removable with a face wash or body soap.

☀︎ Sweat- & waterproof★★★☆☆

☀︎ Reference price50g1,500yen tax excluded)


< Let’s know more about SPF & PA! >


Sun Protection Factor (SPF) for UVB

SPF is mainly a measure of UVB protection. It relates to how long, on a sunny day, it takes to get burnt by the sun’s UVB radiation. For instance, SPF 50 means that with sunscreen lotion on, it will take 500 minutes to produce a detectable burn on a person who gets sun burnt in 10 minutes.

Protection grade for UVA (PA)

The SPF on a sunscreen lotion only tells us the time extension before a person gets burnt by UVB, but not UVA. Protection against UVA rays is indicated in Japan as “PA” (Protection Grade of UVA) with a plus sign (+).There are 4 PA grades: PA+, PA++, PA+++ and PA++++, with each additional plus (+) indicating a higher protection. So, when buying a sunscreen lotion, you should note the SPF as well as the PA.


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