16 Most Popular CASIO G-SHOCK 2019

The G-Shock from Casio is a worldwide favorite for men’s watches. It is a practical and solid visual with excellent impact resistance. G Shock will celebrate its 36th anniversary in 2019.

However, there are many types of G-Shocks, and many people find it difficult to choose.Therefore, we introduce popular models that are easy to match with men’s fashion by ranking.

Why G-Shock is so popular

The G-Shock is a watch produced by the Japanese electronics maker Casio. The G-Shock uses a tough material and is a robust watch.

More than 30 years have passed since the first model was born in 1983, and the design of the G-Shock has evolved.

For young and experienced users, models equipped with GPS solar and Bluetooth are very popular. Recently, G-Shock can be integrated with smartphone apps. G Shock can now record daily steps and calories burned.

The G-Shock has made it possible to know when, where, and at what intensity. It raises the user’s sport awareness.

How to choose G-Shock


The G-Shock is a popular wrist watch that has a shock-resistant structure and a waterproof function of 20 bar, and is designed to be used in any environment.

Depending on the model, various functions are installed, such as “Radio Solar”, which can be charged by sunlight, and “Smartphone Link”, which can work with smartphones via Bluetooth.

Some functions are convenient for use in the air or under the sea, so it is recommended that you check the functions according to the scene where you use the G shock.

The G-Shock display format includes “analog” and “digital”, as well as an “anadigi” style that has both elements. Visibility changes depending on the size of the display and the thickness of the needle, so let’s choose something that feels easy to see.

In addition, models that illuminate the dial with LED lights are easy to see and use even at night.

G-Shocks vary in size as well as color and shape. Multifunctional models are generally bigger. If your wrist is thin, it may look different from the image. G-Shock is a compact model that is about 50mm in diameter and thinner than about 14mm. If you are worried about the balance when wearing it, we recommend you to use something smaller.

G-Shock traditional model “ORIGIN”

“ORIGIN” is the most popular G-shock like a square model. It is attractive because it is easy to match any fashion with a simple design without waste.

This model is a retro visual, but its functions have evolved with the times, and some models are compatible with radio wave solar systems.


Expert model of any environment “MASTER of G”

“MASTER OF G” is a model designed for use in harsh environments. It is further subdivided in the series, and features features specialized for use on land, in the sea, and in the air.

Each model has a unique design for each usage scene.

For example, the series “Mad Master” that specializes in on-land activities has a dust-proof and mud-proof function and is designed to withstand severe impacts. Measurement of direction, altitude, temperature and pressure is possible.

The Frogman, one of a series dedicated to underwater use, can withstand a 200m dive. With the ability to measure the phase of the moon and the depth of the water, it is popular with users active in the sea.

The Gravity Master, intended for use in the air, is a popular product for aircraft pilots and a highly visible model equipped with an altimeter. For models that can use the flight log function, the movement history can be displayed graphically on a smartphone map. The design inspired by aircraft instruments is impressive.


Robust and beautiful G-Shock “MT-G”

“MT-G” is a robust, sophisticated and popular G-SHOCK that combines strength and beauty. It features a design that emphasizes durability, such as adopting a “core guard structure” that disperses impact and an inner case made of carbon.


Daily comfort “G’MIX”

“G’MIX” is a series equipped with functions such as remote playback of music by linking with a smartphone. “G’MIX” specializes in music, including sound quality and live feeling settings, and song name search functions.

G-Shock highest model “MR-G”

“MR-G” is the highest grade among G shocks.
“MR-G” uses high-performance materials such as solid sapphire glass with high transparency and titanium that is lightweight and durable.

“MR-G” is also particular about band design and polishing technology.


Urban and tough G shock “G-STEEL”

The “G-STEEL” adopts a “layer guard structure” that uses resin buffer parts to achieve both a slim design and excellent impact resistance.

In addition, “tough solar function” converts light into motive power, and it is possible to stabilize each function that takes a load. Urban visuals, popular in offices and private.

BABY-G for women and children

“BABY-G” has all the basic performances of the G-Shock. Designed especially for women.

It is a tough popular watch that is not only pop and cute, but also has a shock-resistant structure and waterproof performance of 10 atmospheres or more.


G-SHOCK 2019 Ranking By Discovery Japan Mall

No1. CASIO G-SHOCK Bluetooth equipped radio wave solar GMW-B5000D-1JF Men’s Silver


The traditional square face adopted in the first G-Shock is a popular model. It is a metallic design that is unified with stainless steel from the case to the bezel and band. The band is made of solid stainless steel. There is no need to change batteries because it has a solar charging system.

In addition, it supports multiband 6. Receives standard radio waves from six stations around the world and automatically corrects time. This is a convenient function that allows you to check the exact time at any time. The display of the day of the week supports six languages, so you can switch to your preference. It is also recommended as a present.


An analog-digital G-shock that combines analog and digital. Affordable, popular with younger generations. The design that covers the round metallic bezel with parts gives an elegant impression.

Although it is inexpensive, it has succeeded the G-shock’s traditional shock-resistant structure. In addition, it has a water resistance of 20 bar, so it can be used safely if it is about wet with water or daily water work.

With a stopwatch function that can measure up to 1/100 second with split, it is also convenient for recording competitions and training.

LED display makes it easy to check the display at night. In addition, it is equipped with various functions such as a timer that can be set up to 60 minutes and an alarm with a snooze function. Recommended for those who are looking for a model that can be used conveniently from everyday use to the sports scene.

This G-SHOCK was developed to support the professional demands of salvage rescuers. The stainless steel case that can withstand high water pressure and the screw back with high confidentiality are adopted, and it has waterproof performance for 200m diving.

Equipped with a triple sensor that can measure water depth, direction and temperature, it can be used for any work underwater. Recommended for those who like scuba diving and marine sports. Equipped with a high-brightness LED light with afterglow function, you can clearly see the display even in dim water or at night.

A solar charging system that does not require battery replacement. It can be driven for about 7 months on a full charge. Even if you leave it in a case or bag for a long time, you can start using it immediately.

4th Casio G-SHOCK MT-G MTG-B1000XBD-1AJF

“MT-G” model released in October 2019. Carbon material is used for the bezel.

Matt black base body, carbon-specific folds, beautiful design.

The indexes and in-dial are finely processed at a Japanese factory.

It supports Bluetooth communication and can be linked to a smartphone. It is possible to automatically correct the time, update the world time zone and daylight saving time information. This function is recommended for those who want to use the G-Shock more conveniently using their smartphone.

5th Casio G-SHOCK MR-G MRG-7700B-1BJF

It is a popular model of the combination display of digital and analog, “MR-G”.

The case, bezel, and band are made of titanium. By applying diamond-like carbon treatment to each part, it has abrasion resistance. The solar charging system “Tough Solar” can convert even a small amount of fluorescent light into energy. With a full charge, you can continue driving without charging for about 6 months to 1 year or more. No need to worry about running out of power, even if you use it frequently at night or keep it in your bag for a long time. Compatible with multi-band 6, capable of receiving standard radio waves from 6 stations around the world. Even if you travel abroad on a trip or business trip, it is convenient because it automatically corrects the time.


G-SHOCK G-STEEL uses stainless steel for the case, bezel, and band. Metal and light blue shades are popular. Equipped with a solar charging system, you don’t need to worry about battery replacement time. When you are in a dark place, the display is turned off automatically to save battery power.

Equipped with two LED lights for the dial and the LCD panel. With the afterglow function, it is easy to check the display even at night or in a dark room. It receives standard radio waves from six stations around the world, such as Japan, China, and the United States, and automatically adjusts the time so that people who travel a lot on business or travel will find it useful.

7th Casio G-SHOCK BABY-G BA-110-7A3JF

BABY-G is cute with white design. This is for women based on the design of the popular model G-Shock “GA-110”.

This is good as a gift for a partner because it is highly compatible with pairing with GA-110.


No.8 Casio G-SHOCK BASIC GA-2000-1A9JF

This G-SHOCK uses a fine resin material containing carbon fiber in the case. “Carbon core guard structure” that has high rigidity and protects internal modules while preventing breakage and deformation. The buttons are designed to be shock resistant, there is no side button guard.

It features a boldly arranged large front button. This G-Shock is lightweight. Weight is 64g. It supports world time, and you can check the time in 48 cities around the world.

Equipped with a high-intensity double LED light, both analog dials and LCD screens have good night visibility.

No9.  Casio G-SHOCK G’MIX GBA-400-1A9JF

This G-SHOCK supports Bluetooth communication, and you can enjoy music by linking with a smartphone that has the music application “G’MIX” installed. It is popular for those who want to operate music without taking out the smartphone.

This G-SHOCK has a large switch located at 3 o’clock, and can be used to adjust songs and adjust volume.

The time can be automatically corrected by linking with the smartphone. The combination design of black and gold color is also attractive.

No10. Casio G-SHOCK ORIGIN GW-B5600-2JF

This G-SHOCK is a model that features the popular Square Face, reminiscent of the original G-Shock. Equipped with multi-band 6 and can receive standard radio waves transmitted from six stations around the world, including Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom. Automatically corrects the time. Recommended for businessmen with many overseas business trips.

Equipped with a solar charging system “Tough Solar”, it generates electricity not only with sunlight but also with a small amount of fluorescent light, so there is no need to worry about running out of charge even if you are in the office for a long time. This G-SHOCK is the latest technology for traditional design.


This G-SHOCK is easy to match any fashion.
It supports multi-band 6 that can receive standard radio waves from 6 stations around the world. Because it automatically corrects the time, it is a popular feature that is convenient for those who frequently move, such as travel and business trips. Equipped with a solar charging system “Tough Solar”, there is no need to worry about running out of batteries.



This G-SHOCK is a model of “MASTER of G” that specializes in surviving in the harsh land environment. Survival model with high impact resistance, dustproof, mudproof and low temperature resistant functions. This G-Shock is equipped with a GPS navigation function for the first time.

This G-SHOCK is equipped with a guide function to the destination, a memory function for the route that has passed, and many other functions. It is a recommended model for climbing snowy mountains because of its low temperature resistance to withstand -20 ℃.

It supports not only wireless charging but also solar charging. Even if the battery level is low while using the GPS function, it can be driven for a certain period of time by using sunlight.

No13. Casio G-SHOCK MT-G MTG-M900BD-1JF

This G-SHOCK is a round-faced G-Shock that uses a digital display method. Stylish design without excessive protectors.

This G-SHOCK has a 20 ATM water resistant function. It can be used safely in everyday water work. Receives standard radio waves from six stations around the world and automatically corrects the time. It is also convenient for businessmen who often go abroad on business trips.

No14. Casio G-SHOCK GWR-B1000-1A1JF

This G-SHOCK is a model that pursues the strongest and lightest toughness in the series. The shock-resistant structure employs a carbon core guard structure that protects the contents with a carbon case.

The material is lightweight and rust-resistant titanium material. The watch is about 72g, very light and has no stress on the arm. The band uses carbon fiber with excellent tensile durability.


This G-SHOCK, released in 2019, is a new model of the popular series “G-STEEL”. Black and rose gold color gives a sense of luxury. This G-SHOCK adopts an analog and digital combination display method.

The case is made of a light and rigid fine resin material containing carbon fiber. It protects the main unit from damage and deformation due to impact, and is smaller than the “G-STEEL” series.

No16. Casio G-SHOCK BABY-G MSG-W200-7AJF

This G-SHOCK uses stainless steel material. A model for women with simple color schemes of white and metal.