What Does Bento Mean to Japanese People?

Probably you have heard of the word “bento” before. Bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine (from Wikipedia). In Japan, mothers make bento for their children in many occasions, such as when they go to kindergarten and field trips from elementary school. And especially during six years in their junior high school and high school days, many of students eat bento for lunch when they go to school from Monday to Friday every week. They know that mothers wake up early to make bento for them every morning. Japanese people feel mom’s love from bento their mothers make for them.

On this video, they ask 6 young people who work in Tokyo if they remember about bento they mother used to make for them. It seems they do not remember very well.

Are we doomed to forget the intangible things in life?

6 young people in front of 6 bento boxes on a table. Those bentos were delivered from their family homes to them. Living away from where they were born and raised, can they still recall the memories of those distant days? The result is…. Check this video!

Source: Zerodo “Handmade Hometown”

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