Happy Pocky Day! Pocky and Prez Day Gets Viral Throughout Japan

Pocky and Pretz are Japanese snack food by Ezaki Glico and you may have seen them at Asian supermarkets in your country or at convenience stores in Japan. November 11th has been “Pocky and Preta Day” since 1999 (the year of Heisei 11 in Japan). According to the Glico website, “Along with Pocky, Pretz is another iconic stick-shaped snack made by Ezaki Glico. Due to the snacks’ resemblance to the number 1, Ezaki Glico holds a customer appreciation day of fun events and promotions called Pocky and Pretz Day on November 11th, each year. The day has been officially certified in Japan by the Japan Anniversary Association, and is registered as a commemorative day.”

Thanks to the power of social media, Pocky and Pretz Day gets more viral each year. Many users from companies, celebrities to norm people celebrated the day on Twitter. We will show you some of them.


These students of Tokyo University set a record to buy 1,111 boxes of Pocky for their classmates.
Photo: @komabakoubai the university co-op store


The official account for the snack was very excited all day long and its peak was 11:11 a.m. and 11:11 p.m. The picture says 11 winners will get a box of Pocky from those who tweeted #PockyTime at 11:11 sharp.

Photo: @pockypretz11


Asahi Beer posted a photo of the secret of manufacturing Pocky. Of course it is a joke, just to make sure.

It explains: 1. Pretz 2. Dip Pretz into Asahi Dry Black 3. Pocky

Photo: @asahibeer_jp


Sumida Aquqrium celebrated the day too with spotted garden eels turned into Pocky and Pretz in disguise.


Photo: @Sumida_Aquarium



A makeup company ALBION posted a  of photo of Pocky with their eyebrow liners.



November 11th is the foundation day for a construction company Shimizu Kensetsu and they showed affinity to the snack.

Photo: @Shimizu_now


A railway company Hankyu posted a composite photo of their train with the number 1111 on it, hoping to have trains with 1111 in the future.

Photo: @hankyu_ex


Can you find where Pocky is? from Kirin Beverage

Photo: @Kirin_Company


The airport runway looks so yummy! from Japan Airlines

Photo: @JAL_Official_jp


It is 7:11 from Seven Eleven.


Photo: @711SEJ


Marutaro the hedgehog was curious about the stick-shaped snack.
“Is this yummy?”

Photo: @hedgehogdays


…And Pocky and Pretz went to bed before midnight.
“Thank you for a wonderful day. Good night.”


Photo: @pockypretz11


If you want to see more pictures, check #ポッキーフォト or #ポッキーの日. You will find many interesting and funny photos. Join to enjoy Pocky & Preta day next year!

Source: http://www.pocky.jp/ and Twitter @komabakoubai @pockypretz11, @asahibeer_jp @Sumida_Aquarium @ALBION_JP @Shimizu_now @hankyu_ex @Kirin_Company @JAL_Official_jp @711SEJ @hedgehogdays

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