Irresistibly Cute Cat Asks for an Egg Blanket

Let us introduce you to this cute kitty cat. He is Nebie Neko. Nebie means getting chilled while asleep, and Neko means a cat, so he is the cat getting chilled during his sleep. And just to make sure, he is made from ketchup fried rice. He feels cold in his bed (dish) and ask for a blanket.

Kiyora Gourmet Eggs – The “Getting Chilled” Version


Will he get a warm blanket this time?
Kiyora Gourmet Eggs – The “Blanket” Version


This is a new ad for brand eggs named Kiyora Gourmet Eggs produced by Akita. The dish with ketchup fried rice and egg is known for “Omurice” in Japan and many of us like it a lot. Akita is successful to transform omurice into an unbelievably cute version. But it seemed the shooting was quite hard. Here are some bloopers (gag reels).


Kiyora Gourmet Eggs – Bloopers

Omurice is such an easy receipe. How about making one for dinner tonight?



Source: Akita