“Hello, New World” 360-degree Virtual Video Like You Have Never Seen Before

One of Japanese mobile phone carriers, au, took place an event called “warp cube” where you could experience their new concept ‘New Freedom’ on from 28th to 30th August in Tokyo.

For the special event, they set a huge cube in Midtown Tokyo, with the dimensions 6.05 m height and 8.1 m width. Inside the cube were surrounded with LED displays and the 10-minute virtual video started when attendees raised their smartphones at the starting signal of “Warp!”.

The video contained breathtakingly stunning scenery such as the Great Wall of China, fantastic Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik, pinkish Lake Hiller and Great Barrier Reef in Austraiia etc. and both children and adults could feel as if they were flying over those panoramic views 360 degrees.

On this video you can experience the ‘warp cube’ virtual movie with YouTube’s 360-degree spherical video. Get ready with your smartphone and enjoy the video!

au “Hello, New World” warp cube 360 Virtual Trip Movie

Source: au au.kddi.com/hello

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