Be Thrilled with Japanese Rube Goldberg Machine

PythagoraSwitch is a popular 15-minute kids’ TV show on NHK, having been on air since 2002. According to the official website, the show target is mainly for 4 to 6 year-old children to encourage them to increase the power of thinking, bu it is very interesting enough for adults as well.

Pythagorean Devices are seen during the show, which are know as Rube Goldberg machines made with various daily necessities. There are many devices so far and most of them are within 30-second length, but they made a special long version this year. It is called Biisuke Ball’s Big Adventure. Biisuke the marble rescues his two brothers and this is almost like an action movie with a catchy song. You will be thrilled with the 2:40 minute long take!

Source: PythagoraSwitch Website (only in Japanese)
YouTube royaltree1204

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