Beautiful and Unique Bookmarks

Digital books have been mainstream, but paper books are not doomed yet. We assume some of you like it when you turn pages or smell the ink of books. Bookmarks are what you need when you read books and are often sold at souvenir gift shop because they are thin, light and easy to carry. We would like to show you some beautiful and unique Japanese bookmarks.

SEE OH! Ribbon

See Oh Ribbon is named after the similar sound ‘shiori’ which means bookmark in Japanese. This is a collaboration product by a ribbon manufacturer in Fukui prefecture and a design company in Osaka prefecture. They turn ribbons as packaging materials into three-dimensional bookmarks with special designs. You can also decorate your bag or use it as a hair accessory.







Katsuji Bookmarker

Katsuji means type or font and the bookmarks have shapes of hiragana letters. Each letter is cut by laser and is made from polypropylene so it is light and flexible. It comes with other series such as kanji (Chinese characters) and manga bookmarkers.






Metal Bookmarks

Toyo Precision Parts MFG. Co., Ltd. mainly provides processing service or photo-etching technique for industrial use, but also produces a variety of metal crafts using their metal etching technologies. So they can make very delicate and precise designs. They accept custom-made designs as well.



How about buying some bookmarks as souvenirs of Japan for your family and friends? It will be a great memory for both of you and your loved ones.


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