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A Narrative essay on “embarrassing experience" - Tips & Sample
A narrative essay is one of the many forms of essay. It is the type of essay in which the whole essay revolves around or narrates one single happening, event, or central idea of point.
Although the narrative essay is a form of academic writing, the major difference between this and other forms of essay is that here the essay writer free narrates one whole story with a preset motif in a specific format. Most of the time the incident or story that is narrated in this form of the essay is the personal experience of the writer. Hence, here the writer has the freedom to use the first person pronoun, unlike other essay forms and types.
While writing a narrative essay, not only the expression, ability to follow correct format and structure, and the command of the language of the writer is put to the test but it also tests how creative a writer can be. Hence, while you write this essay, be as creative as you can be and narrate your incident in such a compelling manner that audiences will get hooked to it.
Sometimes students even wonder why my professor wants me to narrate any of my personal stories or experiences. The main motive behind this sort of assignment is to test the creativity of the student along with writing skills and how competent a student is in making ordinary things look interesting.
Many times students consult a professional essay writing service because they think they lack creativity and narrative essay is all about that. However, given below are some of the tricks that can be used to easily write an effective narrative essay.
A narrative essay should be free from any sort of complex sentences, difficult vocabulary, or flowery expressions. It should be as clear and concise as possible. Hence, the first tip to write an effective essay is to maintain clarity. Although the essay must contain some of the minute details regarding the characters, settings, etc, to make it more interesting however do not include each and every detail about yourself. Mention the details that only add substance to the essay, miss all other irrelevant details. The narrative should not be presented in the second person pronoun. This form of essay is based on personal narrative, hence trying to limit the number of resources used and rely more on personal opinions and descriptions. The word choice shall be as dynamic as possible, however, do not use over-complicated vocabulary.
To make the process of writing the narrative essay easier for students so that they need not ask college essay writer to “write my essay”, we present a sample narrative essay on the topic of “embarrassing experience" for the readers.
Everyone goes through at least one embarrassing moment throughout their life. Some people have their lives full of such embarrassing experiences. I have also been through one such experience where I felt like the earth underneath my feet was moving and I was wondering why it did not open up and swallow me. Although the movement lasted just a few moments, the memories of those moments are as vivid in my mind even today as they were the first day when the experience had occurred.
I was a student in class 5 and was one of those students who never missed a class from the fear of missing out on some important information or lesson. I always made sure that I was on time. So the incident I am going to narrate is about the last class of grade 5 before examinations commenced. It was the last working day of the week, and next week we had our final exams scheduled. Unluckily, that day I was having some issues related to my stomach.
Just after the recess, we had the class history which was the subject that I dreaded the most. Although I did not have a very heavy lunch that day during break, I got the urge to go to the washroom as soon as I finished my lunch. Soon the bell rang and we had to return back to our classes. At this moment I got confused over whether I should return to class or attend the call to nature first. In the moment of chaos, I decided to go to the restroom first because it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to control the urge.
Time was running short, as I had to return to the classroom as soon as possible. I knew that the teacher would start today's class by talking about the syllabus and pattern for the final exam. I was in so much hurry and panic that I didn't even see the sign on the door of the restroom and entered with a huge bang. The moment I entered the washroom my face turned red. I had not realized that I had entered washrooms for girls and being the boy I was embarrassed to death. I rushed outside the washroom with the same speed that I had entered however the damage was done. Even when I left the washroom I could still hear the girls laughing and giggling inside which further added to my misery.
For some moments I even forgot what I was doing there in the very first place. However, as soon as I gained back my senses I went to another washroom, got done with my desire, and returned to my class. Even today when I remember those sounds of giggles I get a rush of embarrassment. Although it did not bring any harm to me, as a young boy I was embarrassed to the core. Now I sometimes use my experience to bring a laugh to other people’s faces and try to reduce my embarrassment by owning up to my mistake. And this is how I believe it should be!
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