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Footnotes are needed to indicate where each of the specific pieces in your paper came from. This is how you justify your research, referring to an expert author or scholar, also get help with essay. Only they can outline the rules by which you must think when doing research. The coursework contains footnotes for convenience - the instructor can clearly see what and where it came from, can assess the authority of the sources, the depth of preparation (the amount of material taken) and whether you have chosen the right knowledge required.

A footnote is a small number at the end of the sentence/paragraph where the quote or information from the source was used. At the bottom of the page, under a special dash, this number indicates the source of the information, also get economics homework help. As a rule, footnotes in the term paper should be as many as the sources that the student relies on when writing the term paper. That is, if the list of references consists of 35 sources, then the footnotes in the study should be 35. But it often happens that a footnote in the text is not necessary and the reference to the source is only indirect. In that case it is not necessary to mark the literature used. It is enough just to mention the scientific work in the list.
There are two types of footnotes: endnotes and regular footnotes. An ordinary footnote is placed immediately after the mention of the source on the same page. In this case, the numbering of the footnotes begins anew on each new page.
An endnote is a set of all the footnotes that are mentioned in the text, or use site This list is usually placed at the end of the study. In this case the numbering of footnotes goes through the whole project. When making out footnotes, it is necessary to be especially attentive. The Commission strictly follows the correctness of the source. Each source has its own standard of design. Reliance on scientific works is a sign that the student has independently worked through each source and is now writing his research on this basis, but it often happens that it is necessary to rely on the same source several times. In such a case, a repeated footnote should be made. To do this, just insert a full-length footnote once with the source, and just mark the following footnotes in square brackets: [Ibid] and page number.
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