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An expository essay on “The life on social media" - Tips & Sample
The expository essay is one of the many forms of essays that entails the students to examine an idea. The students then have to gather the evidence on the idea, evaluate and analyze it,  illustrate it and describe an argument developed after extensive research on the idea.
The argument in relation to that idea shall be presented clearly and concisely. An essay writer online can complete this task in many ways. It can be either through definition, the analysis of cause and effect, comparison and contrast, or example.
This genre of the essay is one of the most common types found in examinations and is assigned as the classroom task. To summarize it all, an expository essay is an evidence-supported explanation of an argument built on the given topic.
Just like other forms of essays, an expository essay has an introduction that contains a thesis statement. Then there are a few paragraphs each focusing on one idea or explanation of the thesis statement. The main idea of each body paragraph is stated in the form of a topic sentence at the start of the paragraph.
Then there is a conclusion that ends the essay. The conclusion not only summarizes all the main points but also revisits the thesis statement. The introduction, all the body paragraphs, and the conclusion shall all be linked in a logical manner and contain a coherent flow within.
For the sake of students, 5 key steps or tips that can help write an expository essay easily have been shared below. These are the tips that are followed by any online custom essay writing service one will find online, hence it is better that students get their hands on them.
Prewriting is one of the most important parts of writing an expository essay, this is because whatever information or argument you build in this essay must be backed by some key evidence. Hence, before writing the essay, search for an exciting and latest topic. Formulate the problem statement, and then collect the necessary information and pieces of evidence from reliable resources.
Brainstorm your ideas, find evidence and jot down the important points that come to your mind at this point. Write an outline, then see which of your ideas are supported by the research. Do not start writing before you have sufficient ideas shortlisted otherwise you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere.
Using the ideas and pieces of evidence collected in the previous step, develop a strong thesis statement, use this thesis statement, and background information on the topic to write an introductory paragraph. Next, extract key information from all the ideas and arrange them in such a way that all the similar ideas are collected in one place. Using these collections, write topic sentences for your body paragraphs, using each of these topic sentences, form a complete explanatory paragraph that will make up the complete body of the essay. Write the conclusion, use your thesis as the starting point of your conclusion. Re-examine all the main sub-points briefly. End with either a call to action, a concluding remark, or a note on further research. Last but not the least, proofread and then edit your essay as required.
If you are still confused about what an expository essay looks like and wondering whether you should go and ask an online service to “Write my essay” then worry not. Given below is a sample expository essay on the topic of  “The life on social media"
Recent times have been marked with tremendous technological progress. One such contribution of technology that has completely reshaped human civilianization is the development of social networking websites. These websites provide a virtual connection between the human being and claim to reduce the distances and bring people together. However, since their appearance, the lives that human beings live have not remained the same. Most people now live two lives, one that they maintain in society and the other that they live on social media. Life on social media, although it creates huge options for connecting with people, is neither real nor as secure as it looks.
Special media has created a world different from the one that human beings realistically live in. This world has created a virtual life that is far away from reality. The way most people look on social media is not the real representation of their true selves. It is a well-known fact that whenever a person posts a picture on social media, first it is selected from a sea of not-so-perfect pictures, then the one selected is edited to the extent that it achieves the height of perfection. Even then most people fear putting pictures without a filter applied to them. Hence, if even a single picture posted to social media is so fake how can one think that the whole life that social media portrays is real? Therefore, one of the most obvious realities about life on social media is that it is utterly fake and non-real.
Life on social media is the most depressing life one can live. People often compare their real-life realities to the posts on social media. However, as mentioned the social media posts are highly edited and away from reality. So when a person compares his or her unedited and unfiltered real life with social media life, the end result is depression, stress, inferiority complex, ungratefulness, lowered self-esteem, and anxiety. As per the reports, 32 percent of social media users develop mental illness. Hence, social media lives are full of lies that make everyone around depressed and sad.
Social media was made to provide connections to human beings and bring them closer from all across the globe. However, too much usage of the application and the virtual world that social media has created has resulted in people living dual lives. the one that people live behind the veil of social networking websites is not only fake but depressing too. Hence, one must find the balance between these two lives and enjoy the perks of both.
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