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40+ Amazing Topics for your Compare and Contrast Essay
To compare two elements and topics, it is important to discuss them in detail based on their similarities and differences. The two different subjects are analyzed and discussed and based on their discussion, the writer illustrates the similarities within them. Compare and contrast essays are best when topics need to be discussed based on similarities and differences. The important points are clearly illustrated if the writer follows the appropriate format of writing a compare and contrast essay. 
To write a well-organized compare and contrast essay, the writer will make use of a few important points. For instance, the writer needs to specify the topics which he will discuss while comparing. Moreover, he also needs to understand the similarities between both topics. For this, the essay writer online needs to be aware of their background so that their similarities could be discussed. The writer should clearly illustrate the main points and objectives. He should make use of negating and interesting content. To attain the reader’s attention, it is important to discuss in an easily understandable way. 
If someone has no prior experience of writing then he can easily avail an online service. There are numerous services provided; the majority of these online services have a group of experienced professional writers who are always available to provide the desired service to their customers. 
To make sure that the online essay writing service selected will provide quality content, it is important to look for their feedbacks. Moreover, the customer should also have a little knowledge of the topic so that he could check the work and figure out whether to use their service again or not. The majority of these services also assist people in writing by giving those tips. 
When a person starts writing, he can immediately not provide the best content. The writer will require time and also practice. Through continuous practice and hard work, a person can write interesting and engaging essays. 
As a writer, I never preferred to get my work from someone else. I always used to practice writing and provide quality content. According to me, a person should try writing. This is because when I write essay for me based on any topic, it assists my learning and also polishes my skills. This is for the betterment of my future.
As a beginner, there are few topics, essay writer online writes on. Over time with experience, one can practice many more topics. 
For new writers who to practice compare and contrast essays few easy topics are illustrated: 
Girls want to pursue their career in academics versus girls who want to take a career forward in sports. 
Should researchers work on quantitative research versus should research do the examination on qualitative research
The life in early childhood versus life in adulthood 
Genomics versus computational genomics
Comparison and contrast of life during the 1980's versus life in the 2000s in America.    
Should females decide their career versus guardians decide their career. 
College level students should have physical classes versus online classes
To seek higher education one should pay fees versus wait for a scholarship 
Computer science versus software engineering which field is more productive 
Indoor activities or outdoor activities which should be more preferred in schools 
Students should attain skills in communication skills versus writing skills 
Gynecologists should be male doctors versus female doctors 
Students should focus on learning from books versus learning from the internet 
Laptops should have a slim body versus a heavy and strong body 
Public sector jobs versus private-sector jobs. 
Teenagers prefer watching horror movies versus romantic movies 
Which friendship is better childhood friendship or adulthood friendship 
Who is likely to face depression introverts versus extroverts 
Children after 18 should live on their own versus live with their parents 
Young generation should focus on career versus focus on love life 
Which sport is better football versus basketball
Macbook versus HP
Amusement theme parks versus water parks 
Children below 2 months should be kept inside versus taken out regularly 
People at restaurants prefer eating fast food versus western food 
Which technology is growing more virtual reality versus augmented reality 
Who make good yearly average software engineers versus software architect 
Which areas are better to live urban areas or rural areas 
Friends when alone prefer watching family movies versus adult movies 
Students should hang out during daytime versus nighttime 
Which dance style is better salsa versus hip hop 
Difference between software quality assurance versus software quality assurance engineer 
The future of the generation is at risk due to extensive use of social media  versus playing games 
Vacations should be on hill stations or near the beaches.
Life is better in big cities versus small villages 
Sports are better versus sports cars are better 
Autumn season versus spring season 
4th generation of computers versus 5th generation of computers 
Will we have flying cars by 2050 versus smart vehicles 
Houses should be built in summers versus in winters 
Students should complete their high school in majors computers versus biology 
Students should be sent to public schools versus private schools. 
African Americans should be given complete rights in Americans versus basic rights of immigrants 
Students face issues in deciding their career versus passing their exams 
Laptop should have a good processor versus a good user interface 
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